Deborah Lippmann Empire Gift Set, sales
$24. Available at

You could never go wrong with a Deborah Lippman nail color. Opaque in passion, store thick with shine, the lacquers are true manicure luxury in every hue. However, with the “Empire” inspired collection in a drama of family dynasty amid music, power, danger, and glamour, you will feel no less than Cookie-fabulous.

The set comes in three gorgeous tints. Hustle Hard starts your domination with a flirty pink; it sets the tone for a sexy autumn take on such a feminine and soft color. Then, it becomes bold and daring in such a fun polish. The collection also provides a very glitzy and glamorous gold. How else can you own an empire if you don’t look the part? Sheer enough to show a silhouette, but misty to keep your glitter intact, Power of the Empire will provide the perfect color throughout the entire holiday and winter season. It can spruce up any casual outfit and definitely give you a formal, festive appeal. It’s fun for any occasion. Finally, War of the Roses is your typical Cookie look. Pair it with an animal print jacket, a slight hat titled to the side, or maybe just the attitude of a true diva, and you’ll wear this sultry red well. It’ll slide in well from your New Year’s to a seductive Valentine’s Day evening. Mix and match and always keep your audience guessing.

-Brooke Leigh Howard
@BLeighHoward on Twitter