With the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice film out on Friday, it has everyone contemplating who’s their favorite superhero. Whether you want to take the place of billionaire Bruce Wayne or the Krypton-bred Clark Kent, either way you’re looking to fill some very large shoes for a very toned and muscular person. Okay, maybe you’re not as powerful and brawny as either of these 1930s-born comic book heroes, but a few quick tricks, close detailing and personal upkeep, we can ensure that you won’t look too far off from the originals.

First of all, we all know that in order to be a superhero, you have to be strong  — or at least look the part. Let’s start with some great scrubs and exfoliants in order to really showcase your muscle definition. Cleaner skin has a better chance of absorbing ingredients. Valmont’s Cellular Refining Scrub will automatically leave your skin silky smooth. Once your skin is completely buffered, the next step is maintaining a full clean shave. Combine The Art of Shaving Power Shave Collection Power Razor (Smart Technology) with the Brush or Brushless Shaving Cream and you’ll have a done deal of absolute perfection. Next, you’ll need to obtain the appeal of pure muscle definition — even if you have no muscles to flaunt. Sunless tanners are the trick here and bodybuilders even use them for competitions. So, why should a superhero hold out? Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal 2-3 Tan Mousse &Tanning Mitt Duo will give you a flawless, even color while showing the natural contouring of your body. With this gem, there’s no chemical smell, and the mitt allows for easy application without any streaking. Finally, complete your journey to comic book stardom with oils to maintain your illustrious glow. Herbivore Citrine Ultra Hydration Neroli Body Oil will maximize the organic sculpting of your body. With the help of these products, you’ll definitely feel like your own superhero — even without wearing a cape.

– Brooke Leigh Howard
@BLeighHoward on Twitter