You may have already broken your New Year’s resolutions, urticaria
so here’s a new one: This spring, dentist
never go to the same restaurant twice. Spice up your routine at new hot-spots like Le Boudoir and The Clocktower, or explore those chic hidden gems you swore to visit one day but never got around to. For something new, here are five fabulous, recently-opened restaurants that will help kickstart the season.


Le Boudoir | Does this city really need any more extravagance? Always. This time, the opulence comes to Brooklyn in the form of Le Boudoir, a Brooklyn Heights cocktail lounge inspired by Marie Antoinette’s…well, boudoir. The cocktails are themed, the snacks are French and the ambience is intimate. Although arguably New York has enough “secret” restaurants, this one is notably clandestine as well, tucked away beneath Chez Moi. Go on a Monday for live music and luxuriate in your finest rococo wig.


The Clocktower | Perched on the second floor of the luxurious New York EDITION hotel, The Clocktower is classic, upscale and quite British. Helmed by Executive Chef Jason Atherton and restaurateur Stephen Starr, it’s a spacious restaurant with a contemporary menu and a chic bar setup, which is literally made out of gold. The restaurant’s design alone has garnered a fair amount of buzz. With three impeccably decorated dining rooms, The Clocktower has something for just about everyone who wants to be someone. There’s even a billiards room to enjoy with late-night cocktails or after a weekend brunch.

cafe altro

Cafe Altro Paradiso | One of the few things that makes Soho bearable, during the overcrowding of spring-to-summer tourist season is the many delightful little restaurants. Great Italian food, especially, is one of the luxuries of this part of town. Adding to that tradition is Cafe Altro Paradiso, a new Italian restaurant on Spring street. Created by the team behind Estela, Cafe Altro Paradiso brings traditional Italian fare to a bright, elegant setting. It hasn’t been open for long, but reviews are mostly favorable so far. Though, it’s dinner-only at the moment, with any luck it will soon open for breakfast and fulfill locals’ upscale European cafe fantasies.

Mr. Donahue’s soho

Mr. Donahue’s | The masterminds behind Uncle Boons are back with a teeny-tiny new restaurant downtown. This time, the theme is ultra-rustic, meat-centric and nearly as quirky as the team’s Thai enterprise. There’s hardly space to sit inside, but don’t worry because you can and should order takeout. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to order gourmet Chicken Fried Pork Cheeks with a side of Sunchoke Ravioli, anywhere else in the city, so Mr. Donahue’s definitely gets points for picking a concept and executing it with eccentricity and aplomb.

salvation burger

Salvation Burger | Yes, swimsuit season is coming up, but exceptions can be made for exceptional burgers. By all accounts, that’s the goal for The Spotted Pig’s April Bloomfield, who’s behind this new Midtown venture. It is, as the name suggests, the burger-fiend’s alternative to Salvation Taco. There are options for vegetarians and carnivores alike, and though the setup inside Pod 51 hotel is casual, the burgers are anything but. Even if you don’t like burgers, you might as well go just to celebrate another worthy eatery shop in the gastronomical desert that is Midtown. Plus, Salvation Burger has salads and alcohol.

– Naakai Addy