St. Patrick’s Day can be one of the year’s most joyous and festive holidays, human enhancement
but most often the celebrations of St. Paddy’s in New York are a drunken hot mess. To take the celebration up a notch (or at least drink heavily under more delicately crafted pretenses,) here are four places to get into the spirit of the holiday without getting anywhere near beer-splattered sidewalks or Shamrock Shakes.


Lillie’s Victorian Establishment | For some old-timey charm and elevated pub fare, head to Lillie’s Victorian Establishment in Midtown or Union Square. Victorian decor makes this place great for a completely unique take on a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The food itself is modern and primarily British, but there’s enough crossover to make this a viable and memorable option for the holiday.


Rosie O’Grady’s | If you like traditional pub settings but want a little bit more of an upscale vibe, try Midtown classic Rosie O’Grady’s. This restaurant and steakhouse has all of the Irish classics, plus plenty of other entrees to whet your appetite. From corned beef to mahi mahi, this is the perfect destination for a full-fledged St. Patrick’s Day dinner.


The Malt House | The Malt House may be an American tavern, but it’s the perfect place to celebrate the spirit of all things Irish (it doesn’t hurt that the owners are Irish as well.) The downtown location of this upscale pub has a stately, stunning interior and FiDi’s discerning clientele. You will find all of the pub classics here, but made expertly with fresh ingredients and accompanied by a superbly curated selection of beers.

Neary’s | Known for its historic consistency, warm hospitality and authenticity, Neary’s is for the serious Irish enthusiast. This East 57th Street pub goes back to 1967, and since it opened on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a safe bet that you can celebrate the holiday thoroughly and properly here. When you go, wear your finest understated green and prepare to dig into hearty Irish fare like the classic corned beef and cabbage entree.

– Naakai Addy