The Met Gala celebrated its theme of Fashion in the Age of Technology this year. And not only was it seen throughout the attendees’ attire, but it was shown in their entire ensemble from makeup to hair and, in the case of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, a Tamagotchi virtual pet. Getting in the grunge has come to take a whole new meaning, when it comes to beauty and fashion. Only, this time around, you get to skip the ‘90s version.

Begin with your choice of hair, whether you want to keep it simple or get a little more complex. To get the slicked-back style for a very futuristic, robotic appeal similar to Olivia Wilde, try Living Proof Control Hairspray. However, if you’re looking to defy gravity like Lupita Nyong’o, use DevaCurl Flexible Hold Hairspray to revive texture and calm frizz, while also volumizing and adding definition to your up-do.

When successfully achieving the grunge facial beauty look, take one approach in order to get the fullest and most dramatic effect. Zendaya definitely won us over with her sexy smoky eye. Get the same metallic look with Bobbi Brown’s Sunkissed Gold Eye Palette. Another option is to perfect a winged-liner with Makeup Forever Graphic Liner. It automatically puts you in the mind of Star Wars like Sofia Sanchez, but with a rustic and classic look. Try either of these trends with a natural face and they’ll certainly pop with character. However, the grungiest look of them all lies in a bold, dark lip. Taylor Swift worked a black lip stain that gave her good-girl image with a bit of an edge. One pucker of Anastasia Beverly Hills in Opaque Black, and you’ve completely reinvented the meaning in “grungy chic.”

– Brooke Leigh Howard
@BLeighHoward on Twitter

They say the only thing you can count on is change – a notion that was, without a doubt, conjured up with fashion in mind. Season after season, we are introduced to new trends, which are more often than not a modernized take on a trend from the past. This season, raffia is brought into life. So, what exactly is raffia? It’s a fibrous textile that is derived from palm trees. Even if you’re not familiar with the name, you’ve seen it before. The fringe-like embellishment of today is much more polished, and was seen on numerous runways during the spring 16 Fashion Week. Edun, Jason Wu, and Delpozo, were just a few of the high-end labels that couldn’t resist the embellishment. At Edun, raffia was seen on just about everything, including pantsuits, dresses, vests, jumpsuits, and cover-ups. Known for perfectly combining high-fashion concepts with more realistic ones, Edun’s spring collection lived up to the brand’s reputation — filled with versatile pieces that could actually translate to real life. With Jason Wu’s recent shift toward tailoring, raffia was the perfect addition to his spring collection. Perfectly tailored jackets, skirts, dresses, tops, shorts, and, the star of the show, a trench coat, were adorned with the embellishment — resulting in pieces that were on the minimalist side — yet nothing short of glamorous. At Delpozo, raffia played a huge role in the line’s spring collection, both figuratively and literally. Voluminous portions of raffia appeared on colorful wraps, vests, and cover-ups, which should have been expected as volume has basically been Delpozo’s signature, since Josep Font started designing for the fashion powerhouse.

Seen on everything from workwear attire to casual cover-ups and even outerwear, raffia is more refined than ever before, making it easy to integrate the natural weave into your wardrobe. This trend is all about balance. Going for voluminous raffia? Skip bulky accessories. Pieces that don’t feature much of the embellishment can be accessorized but don’t overdo it; the raffia should be the main focal point of your look.

– Daniella DiRienzo