Bolder hues are becoming less taboo, thankfully, as hair trends are getting more adventurous and fun. It’s fresh, cool and daring. Besides, what other way can you get creative with your image than going all out with your tresses? Explore every option, especially as spring bounces in. And once you’re bored of it, transition to another fun color. You have a number of options to take. If you’re slightly more traditional, then you may be more comfortable in an Ariel red, like Kat Von D. It’s a brighter take on somewhat of a “natural” color, but insanely loud and vibrant. Seriously, you’ll definitely catch some attention. If you want to explore poppy hues that are cool enough for spring, an everlasting lavender will be subtle enough for normalcy, but still original and unique. Each shade depends on its wearer. Rihanna styles it with a very chic and feminine touch. It’s certainly the “go-to” for untraditional coloring. For those who are a bit more outlandish, there’s still room to explore. Mermaid green allows you to travel in an ombré of teal to jungle hues, rich in leafy tones that are too gorgeous to deny. Finally, you can dress your mane in unicorn pastels, ranging in a number of rainbow shades that are definitely magical to the eye – to make your image pop just a little more. It’s the perfect accessory for upcoming summer concerts.

– Brooke Leigh Howard
@BLeighHoward on Twitter