Last season, androgyny was the name of the game; this season, it’s the complete opposite as pink seems to be the coveted color of the moment. The hue of the spring season, along with anything ultra-feminine, appeared to be a favorite of several designers, including Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo of Tome, Serafina Sama of Isa Arfen, and Jason Wu. At Tome, the girly hue was definitely a welcomed change, and a bit of a surprise. A brand that has become synonymous with characteristics such as menswear stripes and unstructured silhouettes, Tome is probably the last place you’d expect to see the ultra-feminine hue. The design duo opted to utilize somewhat of a muted palette for their spring collection. Among a sea of subdued tones, a bold pink midi-skirt and equally as bold blouse made their way down the runway, further proving the brand’s versatility. Quite the style mash-up, Isa Arfen’s designer pulled inspiration from “vintage photos of Balinese women, ’70s-era exoticism, and rave culture in the ’90s,” resulting in a diverse collection; however, there was one constant – bold pink hues, which graced everything from capris and bunched skirts to a ruffled dress and button down blouse. Returning to his roots, former dressmaker Jason Wu, filled his spring collection with dresses, ruffles and bold shades of pink, creating a collection that can’t be described as anything but the epitome of femininity.

Ready to think pink? Pulling off this trend is a breeze, since it’s simply a color rather than a specific style. Stick to age appropriate pieces; otherwise, you’ll end up looking just the opposite. Also, leave the head-to-toe pink to the professionals on the runways. Pick one bold piece in the hue to really make a statement.

– Daniella DiRienzo