It’s July 4th weekend and of course you want to have the most epic BBQ. You’ve been busy with work and taking care of the kids you didn’t have enough time to plan what mouthwatering finger foods to prep and what delicious drinks to make. Here’s your guide to the perfect BBQ…

Let’s start with finger foods/appetizers:


These savory fried chicken on hot buttered biscuit are the perfect starter. While the grill is being fired up you want to enjoy these delicious little chicken biscuits.



Next, more about we’re putting a little spin on crostini’s. Peach, angina Prosciutto & Ricotta Crostini are the perfect combination. One bite and you might consider grabbing a few more.



Finally, visit web you can’t go wrong with salad. Who doesn’t love a nice healthy appetizer. This Watermelon Strawberry Caprese Salad is just that, healthy and also totally satisfying.


Now it’s time for main course, there are a couple different ways to spice up your regular BBQ routine.


Start with this awesome Burger With Pineapple-Jalapeño Salsa. Its your basic burger but perfectly sweet and spicy.



Now it’s time to help out those pescitarians. I mean even if you’re a meat lover who doesn’t like salmon right? Cedar Plank Salmon Fillets are the perfect fix to your salmon craze.



We can’t forget the vegans that came to mingle at the annual 4th of July BBQ. Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables are yummy and healthy.


While enjoying these fun new recipes we have to pair it with the perfect drink.


Let’s grab some of this refreshing Blueberry Strawberry Mojito to pair with our salmon.


We have to satisfy the non- alcoholic drinkers too right? These Patriotic Shirley Temples are perfect.



You gather all your friends and you want to take a few shots. This go to Snow Cone Shots remind you guys of being a kid enjoying snow cones on a hot summer day, but this time as an adult with a boozy twist.


Everyone’s favorite part is here… dessert!


You’ve just indulged in so much food but you have to make space for dessert. These Banana Split Kebabs are on the healthier side but will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth.



It’s the weekend and you want another drink since you don’t have work tomorrow, but then you see these delicious boozy bomb pops and decided to give it a go.



Our last dessert is a classic, you can never go wrong with Strawberry Shortcake.


Now that you have these amazing recipes, it’s time to stop stressing about your 4th of July BBQ and sit back and relax.

Kareshma Singh

Think back a few years ago, and color contacts were practically social suicide. If you’ve experimented with color contacts in the past, you’ve likely ran into the same issues as so many others — phony looking, detectable lenses with incomplete coverage.

Looking at the present day market for cosmetic colored contacts, it seems obvious that lens makers heard our cry for lenses with higher pigmentation, and answered with super durable, full coverage, cosmetic lenses that last an entire year. The price is steep (a pair of these new lenses from manufacturers like Solotica, can cost over $100) but the payoff is steeper. For the first time, the look is somehow simultaneously natural and exotic – an alluring combination for us dark eyed beauties, who have always been curious about life on the light side.

It seems to be trending. Dark eyed celebs like Pia Mia love sporting these lenses and have their followers fooled into thinking they were born with striking crystalline eyes. Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, along with sisters Kendall and Khloe are known to wear them on occasion, and we saw Kanye make his grand entrance at the Met Gala this year, donning icy blue lenses over his usual brown eyes to compliment his Balmain sequined jacket. With the help of these A-listers, are color contacts about to blow up?

We can’t help but wonder if colored contacts will soon cross the threshold from incidental change of pace to personal style accessory. As though, one day very soon, we will be changing our eye colors as often as our nail colors. Because the cerulean blue looks good with the Proenza trench you bought last week, and later tonight you’ll be wearing that ankle length Celine dress that would look better with a green eye.

Beauty is evolving! Colored contacts, what used to be a beauty faux paus, are now making their fateful return with the support of celebrities and beauty mavens alike – thanks to new pigmentation technology and a seriously natural looking color payoff.

Kalina Krabel