This season is a total game changer in the realm of jewelry. One look at the runways and it’s obvious. Earrings have gotten longer and larger; while necklaces have gotten shorter and tighter thanks to the choker making a comeback. The fitted necklace hit its peak in the 90’s and it seems as if the accessory-of-the-past is getting a second chance this summer. So many high-end designers have gotten creative with the choker, completely modernizing the once obsolete necklace. Louis Vuitton, the edginess (and 90’s nostalgia) was amped up thanks to an eye-catching, metallic choker, which was paired with an all black ensemble and chunky shoes. Things were kept a bit playful at Versace, whose spring collection included chokers emblazoned with stars and bold, geometric prints; while the necklace-of-the-season was encrusted in diamonds at Nina Ricci, taking on more of a formal vibe. As if anything less would be expected, glamour was the name of the game at Chanel, as opulent chain-linked chokers were paired with the brand’s signature two-piece suit. Edginess and elegance were perfectly combined at J.W. Anderson, where thick, gold chokers were the perfect addition to a line full of bold looks. At Prada, the choker received some major updates, making it practically unrecognizable. Netted chokers that cascaded down the models torso were seen time and time again on Prada’s runway, solidifying that the accessory has indeed made a comeback.

Whether you select a choker of the velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety, you really can’t go wrong. The necklace-of-the-season is simple to style, can easily be dressed up or down, and works great as a stand-alone piece or when paired with other necklaces.

-Daniella DiRienzo