There’s no doubt that New York can always use a healthy dose of positive Australian vibes. Two Hands has proven to be one of the most popular cafes in the city, price
with high-quality coffee and a much-loved rendition of avocado toast. Now, that concept is moving forward with a second, full-service location in Tribeca’s up-and-coming restaurant scene.two-hands2Tribeca is an odd neighborhood. Its wide, pristine and often quiet streets make it a beautiful, if not terribly riveting, place to live. But when most New Yorkers are looking for somewhere exciting to go, Tribeca usually isn’t at the top of the list. The Two Hands restaurant in Tribeca capitalizes on the serenity of the neighborhood while stealthily injecting a much-needed shot of vibrancy into it. The owners have made great use of the space, striking a pleasant balance between cozy warmth and the bright, airy lightness that permeates the restaurant. It’s the perfect spot for rejuvenating summer meals and engaging conversations.

The menu has just enough to please most palates, while dishes like the ricotta hotcakes and goat cheese squash blossoms provide a unique twist on modern classics. You can still get your Two Hands avocado toast fix throughout the day, but it’s worthwhile to explore what else the restaurant has to offer. Each menu is small and focused. The restaurant’s fresh, juicy burger with fried egg and beet relish is a great dinner choice, though there are also a number of appetizing small plates if you’re looking for lighter fare or more variety. Happy hour at Two Hands is from 4-7; the restaurant also offers snacks to accompany your drinks from 4-6. The offerings aren’t cheap, but they are overall a good value for the neighborhood.

eggsThough Two Hands could be suitable for casual, trendy celebrations, it’s also the type of place that feels fun and reliable as a neighborhood haunt. It’s somewhere you can find good coffee, a relaxing breakfast, a filling dinner, or several drinks. The cocktail menu has plenty of inspired refreshments to keep you pleasantly buzzed throughout the summer.

-Naakai Addy