A few times now, we’ve seen a super cool chick like Bella Hadid or Selena Gomez debut freshly cut bangs at a red carpet event or party. We’ve loved them (just about) every time – fringe, blunt, face framing, side-swept, you name it. The confusing part only comes the following day when the starlet somehow wakes up, bang-less.

We discovered the magic of the faux bang. Undoubtedly, celebrity hair stylists of today are pushing the envelope with their illusions. Gigi Hadid fooled the world into thinking she chopped her long locks off at the 2015 American Music Awards, later revealing it was only tucked under her hair. Curly haired celebs like Rihanna fake bangs with the “Pineapple” updo – flipping a high pony forward and pinning into place to create a faux fringe. This trend got us thinking, when it comes to our hair – what can’t we fake?

Considering their ability to instantly add drama to your cut, chances are have at one point considered getting bangs. If you feel ready to take the plunge, but have some unresolved commitment issues, as do celebrities, just try on bangs for the night. Here’s how:

First, you’ll need a set of faux bangs. The trick when selecting these is to go for a bang with length on the sides, so it blends into your natural hair flawlessly. For a blunt fringe, try Hersheson’s Clip in Fringe. This is probably your heaviest bang option, only for the brave of heart that desire adding a sharp dimension to their cut. For a more side swept, feathery bang, try Hairdo Effortless Clip in Bangs.

Blow dry hair and style as usual. Leaving volume at the crown of your head, attach bangs above the hairline. For added security, have a professional hair stylist cornrow horizontally just above the hairline, and attach the clip in bangs to the braid. This will insure the bangs don’t come loose throughout your test-drive.

Now you can either sweep bangs to the side or keep them blunt – making sure to leave face-framing pieces loose on both sides. Add a lightweight styling cream to both natural hair and clip in bangs for consistent shine, lived-in texture and natural looking separation (Bumble and Bumble Grooming Crème). For a seamless blend, take a curling iron to the longer, face framing pieces, blending with natural hair for just 5-10 seconds – long enough to create a wisp without curling.

Next step is to hit the town! Love them or hate them, you can take them right out at the end of the night.

Kalina Krabel