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Can we all agree that we are living through a full lipped beauty revolution? As in, tuberculosis perhaps in 20 years, apoplectic our kids will look back and say “Oh yeah, the 2010’s – the big lip decade!” The same way we associate the flapper bob with the 20’s, and sky high hair-sprayed updo’s with the 80’s, we may be looking at big lipped beauty icons like Angelina Jolie and (dare I say it?) Kylie Jenner as the faces of the moment.

That being said, there is a fine line between a naturally full looking lip, and an overdone one. So it comes as no surprise that cosmetic companies are finding natural ways to make our lips more voluptuous. That means they don’t involve needles, commitment, or looking like Daisy Duck.

One of those ways, and our personal favorite, would be the 24K gold collagen enhanced lip mask from Australian skincare brand, Ms. Soho. The same way you wear a face mask, you apply this mask over your lips and notice a slightly fuller, softer pout after 20 minutes. The plumping effects are modest; great for those of us who don’t care to overdo it, and the masks are fabulous for removing lines from lips to smooth out your smile. Pair this lip mask with a sugar scrub pregame and a conditioning lip oil postgame, and you have a killer lip routine that you didn’t even know you needed.

Because even if we are obsessed with them right now, lips tend to get overlooked when it comes to upkeep. You might apply a weekly charcoal mask to detox your skin, or condition your hair in the shower for five minutes after washing, but rarely do we think about our lips, aside from the lip balm we keep in our work bag.  Hear us out and give your lips some love – those things are valuable.

– Kalina Krabel