Knee Skimming shorts are this summer’s top trend on the runway. The trendy shorts are knee length and tailored slim without a turn up and most of them are pressed with a crease or silk is added on as a trim. Shorts of this length are flattering to anyone. They are one of the most wearable and versatile trends of the season. Whether you opt for a design or a more tailored look, make sure they just skim your knee to be on-trend. When it comes to color, go for navy, which is a fail-safe option that always looks good. Celebrity, Pharrell Williams was also seen sporting this trend at the Oscars in March. Knee-skimming shorts take a lot of guts and style to wear. Designers like Prada and Gucci brought back short-shorts in a range of colors and prints. Coach, Kenzo, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Dries Van Noten also had their models rock these shorts on the runway. Paris and Milan’s fashion weeks both featured male models sporting above-the-knee shorts. The perception of above-the-knee shorts “as being only for young boys,” has taken several decades to change and now the trend is in for all age groups.

-Kareshma Singh
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if you actually feel refreshed once September rolls around. This Labor Day weekend, make sure you bid summer a proper farewell by pressing the reset button in style. LA and the OC are obvious vacation destinations, but don’t overlook the luxurious possibilities other West Coast hot spots have to offer. When you only have two or three days to relax in a new destination, choosing the right accommodations is half the battle. Here are five splurge-worthy hotels for the ultimate West Coast mini-vacation.


  1. Big Sur | The Ventana Inn

In case you find yourself trying to decide between an oceanside getaway and a mountain retreat, rest assured that you can have both. Big Sur’s Ventana Inn offers a lot more than breathtaking views and fresh air, however. A suite at the Inn comes equipped with all that you need to get back to your best self: an in-suite wet bar, a wood-burning fireplace, a deck overlooking that breathtaking view, and personal hot tub. If all of that comfort becomes overwhelming, breathe it out in one of the Inn’s daily yoga or pilates classes, then take a dip in a Japanese swimming pool (of which there are two, one clothing-optional).

Oxford Hotel

  1. Bend, Oregon | The Oxford Hotel

The Oxford Hotel brings a whole new level of style to the word “eco-friendly”. In 2015, Conde Nast rated it as the best hotel in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s been in Trip Advisor’s top 10 nationwide for many consecutive years. The Oxford’s excellence comes from its commitment to tackling the ultimate 21st century hospitality challenge: blending sustainability and luxury without compromising either. During your stay, dine at the beloved 10 Below restaurant, known for cuisine that is equal parts organic, sustainable and delicious. The Oxford is the perfect getaway both for those craving stylish serenity in Oregon and travelers with a passion for preserving the environment. The hotel runs on renewable energy, guests sleep in eco-friendly, ultra-premium sheets, and even the bath products are organic. At the Oxford, there’s absolutely nothing granola about organic living.

The Woodmark

  1. Seattle, WA | The Woodmark Hotel

Getting away from it all doesn’t always mean getting away from the city. It might just be time to explore a different one. The Woodmark, one of Seattle’s premier luxury hotels, strikes just the right balance between urban convenience and luxury escapism. With gorgeous views of Lake Washington, yacht cruises, complimentary kayaking, an excellent spa and even late night snacks, the Woodmark has everything required to recharge and gear up for the year ahead. The hotel also offers complimentary chauffeur service within a 5 mile radius, so don’t be afraid to put on your chicest walking shoes and see what one of America’s most cherished cities has to offer.


  1. Scottsdale, AZ | Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa

Arizona’s vast, dramatic landscape and magnetic energy has made it a popular destination for luxury travelers in search of respite. While the Sanctuary Camelback Resort certainly fits the bill for such travel goals, it goes above and beyond by delivering the very best in high-end accommodations. Sanctuary offers suites, casitas and even private estate homes to some of the country’s most discerning travelers (a.k.a. celebrities), with top-of-the-line concierge service to cater to their needs. It is also an ideal destination for a mind-body-soul reset, because the surrounding nature lends itself beautifully to hiking, while the hotel’s deluxe amenities include tennis courts, an infinity pool and advanced spa treatments sure to help even the most stress-ridden visitor shed anxiety.


  1. Half Moon Bay, CA | The Ritz Carlton

Anyone for horseback riding on the beach? If there’s any time to indulge in that oft-cliched activity with reckless abandon, it’s during a visit to Northern California’s hidden gem, Half Moon Bay. And if you’re going to Half Moon Bay, you might as well stay at the Ritz. The Ritz may have acquired a stuffy reputation over the years, but it’s the Ritz for a reason, and a visit to Half Moon Bay’s branch is no exception to the level of luxury you can expect. 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton, indoor swimming, outdoor fire pits overlooking the ocean, and much more await you at this Half Moon Bay luxury haven. As long as you’re embracing cliched but delightful tropes, go ahead and take a leisurely stroll or drive through the almost unbearably adorable city–you might even stumble upon one of the region’s exceptional seafood restaurants.

– Naakai Addy