There once existed a time when if you had a hangover, ampoule you took two Advils, had coconut water and waited for it to fade. If you had a cold, you drank orange juice and if you had a sunburn, you applied some aloe vera. Fast forward to now, and it seems we’ve run out of patience for our bodies natural recovery. In a time when everyone seems to be more overtired, overworked, and over-partied than ever – it’s no coincidence that Med Spas are cropping up in major cities like NYC, Vegas and Toronto. IV drips are largely available to anyone who wants one, no longer requiring a doctor’s appointment or even an office – instead a chic lounge area where you can watch your favorite TV show or sample new energy drinks, while you receive the IV treatment of your choice – ranging from a simple B12 shot to the “Royal Flush,” meant to hydrate, detox, decrease inflammation, and cleanse vital organs. In fact, there seems to be treatments designed for almost every ailment you can think of, like upping energy levels, or aiding in weight loss. Even beauty treatments meant to have anti-aging benefits like rejuvenating your skin and body are available.

It’s easy to love the instant gratification of curing ourselves from hangovers, colds, or getting that extra energy boost — but what if IV Spas are good to be true? Thanks to iPhones and the magic of apps, we are used to getting what we want, when we want it (Need a car? Uber. Need food? Seamless. Need your laundry done? Yes, there are apps for that), so IV spas have all the right elements to become the next big wellness frontier. But we can’t ignore the flip side of the coin – it gives us an excuse to keep working, partying, and just chugging through our busy lives, even though our bodies are sending us signals that they need a break. Signals that we can now mitigate, or even silence completely, with one tiny needle.

Spas like Reviv in NYC have seen major success as both revival centers for a Sunday morning hangover, and a part of regular peoples’ lives. Are they just a craze that will die out as gradually as juicing, or could we be in for a vitamin shot revolution?

– Kalina Krabel