Is Two-Wheeled Transportation Chic Enough for the Stylish? Though SoulCycle and its counterparts have achieved an aspirational reputation, view there has always been something about a standard bike that seemed perhaps too utilitarian to be chic. These days, order however, and it’s hard to go anywhere in the city without seeing (or sidestepping) a cyclist.

If you feel that it’s time to get on board to the biking trend, but your style is more high-fashion than hipster, never fear. Years ago, high-end designers started creating bikes for the fashionably inclined, and now there are more stylish options than ever. Here are four beauty-focused bicycle inspirations to get you started on your quest to embracing chic, eco-friendly transportation.


Chanel | If your life goal is to have Chanel everything, it may be time to befriend whomever got their hands on the 50 limited edition Chanel bikes released in 2008. The quilted leather seat and handles and classic, ladylike design added timeless appeal to this eight-speed bike. In case anyone was concerned about ruining their head-to-toe (or head-to-wheel) Chanel look with a ratty old backpack, this bike even featured two detachable leather flap bags and a jewelry roll.

Dolce & Gabbana | Dolce & Gabbana turned heads with its limited edition Animalier bicycle in 2012, bringing the high-fashion bike trend to a whole new level. Equipped with a sleek mesh basket, a dress-friendly frame and sexy animal print, this gem was a fashion statement and a mode of transportation all in one. Oh, and that exterior? It was gilded in 24 Karat gold, of course.


Electra | A love for form doesn’t have to mean a loss of function — not if popular bicycle maker Electra has anything to do with it. The innovative California-based company created its own ‘Flat Foot Technology,’ which essentially helps riders control their movements on the bike without spinning out of control and into a storefront. Handy! Equally delightful is the company’s attention to detail and beauty in design. Many Electra bikes are pretty, feminine, whimsical and otherwise pleasing to the eye.


Villy Custom | Even if you’re a biking novice, you may just find that when it comes to bikes–just like your wardrobe — nothing quite beats signature style. Though Villy Custom sells limited bikes in popular styles, the draw of this retailer is customization. The founder is a Shark Tank vet that believes that every component of a bicycle and should be custom-designed. Whether it’s blue tires, shiny pink handlebars, or white seats your heart desires, Villy Custom will make it happen.

– Naakai Addy