For a long time, drugs the US beauty market has been dominated by European countries, phlebologist notably established French cosmetic houses like Nars, Caudalie or Laura Mercier. As of late, however, the trends have taken a turn further eastward, as Korean beauty products overwhelm the US market. Take the ever-beloved BB cream, which was popularized in South Korea way before it came to the United States in 2011 via Dr. Jart – the first to introduce the all-in-one skincare cream at Sephora. There’s something about Korean beauty that keeps us on our toes even halfway around the world, proof positive in their newest import – Kailijumei lipsticks.

These beauties are clear glossy gels in lipstick form, each containing a dried flower and some wondrous gold flakes inside. The presentation is certainly an Instagramers fantasy, but the most interesting part of this product is the way it’s meant to change colors depending on your body temperature. While it appears clear in it’s solid form, the lipstick can turn an array of pinkish shades once applied. That’s right, 90’s kids, it’s a mood ring for your lips.

According to the company, the cooler your body temperature, the pinker the product will appear. The lipsticks come in four different shades – Flame Red, Minutemaid, Barbie Doll Powder, and Pink Barbie Power. This viral design has inspired replicas on web outlets like Ebay and AliExpress, but you can get your hands on the real thing at Kalijumei’s online shop (kailijumei.tictail.com).

– Kalina Krabel