The perfect addition to any outfit is the neckerchief, and it seems to have been incorporated into just about every high-end menswear collection. Simply a rectangular piece of fabric worn around the neck and fastened with a knot, the neckerchief is extremely versatile, making it suitable for just about any occasion. Long gone are the days when scarves were reserved for cooler weather, and the proof is on the runways. At Hermes, scarves featuring bright colors and bold patterns added an undeniable youthfulness to countless looks. The fine and dandy trend was alive and well at Officine Generale, as the line’s structured silhouettes were perfectly balanced by dapper scarves embellished with stripes, polka dots, and more. Perfectly intertwining work and play, Margaret Howell’s collection was full of black-and-white-ensembles that were completed with polka dotted scarves of the same color scheme – adding some much needed effervescence to otherwise monotonous outfits. At Louis Vuitton, scarves with prints and patterns featuring a lustrous sheen were added to everything from sportswear to casual business attire. Completely deviating from other designers, the scarves were fashioned more like chokers, proving the accessory truly is one of the most versatile.

When it comes to neckerchiefs, a bold color or fun print will liven up any look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple patterns, just stick with coordinating colors. The key to pulling off this trend is selecting a scarf that is long enough – it should be able to be tied in a knot.

– Daniella DiRienzo