This season, menswear says goodbye to the roll neck that’s been dominating the runway the past few seasons and hello to the funnel neck. The updated style is basically a higher and wider version of the classic turtle neck. Pretty much every menswear designer included at least one funnel neck in their fall collection. At some shows, like Berluti, Fendi, and Burberry, the style-of-the-season appeared numerous times, proving just how functional, versatile, and fashionable the funnel neck truly is. At Berluti, the funnel neck was a key piece in layered looks, appearing underneath trenches, suits, and short-sleeve tops. There were also stand-alone funnel necks, which featured textured monochromatic patterns, creating the perfect juxtaposition. Fendi’s most recent collection was described as “luxury lounge,” making the funnel neck – and its relaxed fit – an obvious addition. The style was seen in a variety of sweaters made from of plush and textured materials like shearling, wool, and fleece, proving the funnel neck is not only fashionable but functional. The track top with a zip-up funnel neck was the key piece at Burberry, appearing on the runway time and time again. Often zipped all the way up, the track tops were layered underneath all types of jackets and coats, some even paired with scarves.

The fact that the funnel neck is so versatile means it’s a great trend to try – even if you’re not a fashion risk taker. Seen on everything from sweaters to track tops, the trend can be styled in numerous ways. For a low key take on the trend, try a zip-up funnel neck. The funnel neck looks great underneath suits and other jackets; just make sure the piece you choose isn’t too bulky. For a functional take on the trend, go with a chunky sweater.

– Daniella DiRienzo