You’d never show up to a holiday party empty handed — especially if the hostess put a ton of time to make it the jolliest celebration of the year. While grabbing a last minute bottle of wine or yummy side dish is always nice, no rx go the extra mile this year. Spoil your dear hostess with a little something cute and trendy, hospital in combination with your infamous chip dip or batch of cookies. At a loss for ideas? Read below for some sweet, simple gifts that’ll be sure to show your appreciation.


S’well Bottle | Perfect for your fitness-loving friend, S’well is the trendy workout accessory to own. With the claim to fame being that it keeps your drinks hot or cold for 24 hours, you won’t only stay hydrated, but kept caffeinated (think hot coffee).

9215426_fpx-1Ted Baker | Everybody will be looking for a new planner to ring in 2017 with. Keep your friend organized and fabulous this year, by giving them a chic Ted Baker planner. Maybe grab one for yourself while you’re at it.s1239789-main-lheroPerfume | I think any girl (and possibly guy) will agree that you can never have too many perfume bottles. Pick a popular scent to give your hostess this year. My personal favorite? Chloe — it’s both flirty and sophisticated.9253327_fpxSlippers | There’s something about receiving a nice pair of slippers that never gets old. Give your hostess the gift of warmth this season, with these adorable slippers by TOMS.

9259836_fpxApartment Accessory | When piggy banks go out of style, balloon animal banks steal the show. If you’re looking for something fun and cute to give your friend, look no further. The perfect addition to a new space.ks1000095_001_2Kate Spade | Oh, Kate, you’re everyone’s favorite. Pick up these adorable satin bow ear muffs, a change purse, or sparkly accessory for your hostess. Kate Spade’s classic looks seem to never go out of style — not even in 2017.

To end, remember, presentation is key. Choose complimentary packaging (bag, tissue paper, ribbon) and don’t forget a cheerful card. Your hostess will be thrilled to receive your sweet package!

-Caroline Brindle