In honor of Byredo’s tenth anniversary, search the Swedish brand has released a have released a fragrance without a name. If anyone could (and did) pull this off, it would be Byredo, a fragrance house who has found much respect among perfumers in Europe and the U.S. “Unnamed” marks niche line Byredo’s 5th new fragrance of 2016.

Founder Ben Gorham’s explains the concept as an exercise in perception, as scents can often be perceived differently based on their name (ie. You look for a floral scent in Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb or Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, while you expect a sweet scent in something like Prada’s Candy). Without a name, the fragrance wearer is more free to come to their own conclusions without the veil of semantics or marketing. It is the beauty equivalent of getting the “Mystery” flavored lollipop. And it isn’t just semantics that changes the way we perceive it. Our own memories often effect this too, we all have different triggers – which comes as no surprise knowing how personal and intimate fragrance can be.

You will, upon purchase, receive a set of alphabet stickers in lieu of a name as well as the perfume bottle with a blank white label that you are free to name whatever you’d like. So it may be just one scent, but in a lot of ways, it’s a limitless fragrance – and the magic of it all, is that it all depends on the consumer. Available on

– Kalina Krabel