I have fond memories of attempting a burgundy eye years ago, before it became a thing, and I swore I would never use anything within the red color family on or close to my eyes again. However, it is safe to say, that this season, I can (with only some trepidation) attempt the burgundy eye once again – thanks in part to Ellie Bamber’s Met Gala look and countless runway shows Tadashi Shoji Spring 2017 taking to the burgundy eye trend and transforming it into something not sickly, but bold, edgy, and sultry.

Being bold also means being risky most of the time, which in this particular case, means taking extra care to do it correctly is important. Make sure you choose shades that have notes of brown or copper in them, and avoid anything too pink, and smoke out the shadow with more neutral shades as well. Burgundy is part of the look – but if it becomes the whole look, it may overwhelm your face.

Another great secret (and you can employ this method whenever you are using a bolder color around the eye) is the addition of black, whether it means a lined cat eye or an extra swipe of mascara – this is what will keep the look grounded in “every day” and avoid it from looking too theatrical. Keep the rest of your face simple, sticking with cooler tones to balance our the warmth of the burgundy.

– Kalina Krabel