A week later and another anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has come and quickly passed. Even after 21 years, denture the show continues to stir excitement among its viewers and never fails to, more about somehow, mind surpass the previous year. What was the secret weapon this year? One word: Paris. Once announced that the event would be held in the fashion capital of the world, it was bound for greatness.

Let’s dive right in – overall, the outfits were show stopping. From the bright and fabulous opening colors, through the “dark angels” and into the closing number, each vibe kept me gawking at the screen. Even the PINK line, filled with flirty, pink hues, held its own. While trying to remain non-biased (toward favorite angels, new and old), the top five looks from the night were rounded up. Take a look!

Maria Borges

Maria Borges flew down the runway in this vibrant and intricate number. From the warming color scheme to the glitzy body accessories, there’s no way this “outfit” would be forgotten on our top five.

Gigi Hadid

Fiercely and fearlessly, Gigi Hadid struts down the VS runway in this wicked, teeny number. The strappy shoes pair perfectly with the web-like lingerie. And the wings… cherry on top of this demanding, dark Angel look.

Josephine Skiver

Angel Josephine Skiver looks nothing less than stunning in this glamorous design. Lace, fringe and bedazzled beading aren’t typical textures you’d pair together; yet, the trio makes a fabulous and feminine statement, making it a fan favorite from the show.

Martha Hunt

Martha Hunt’s sky-high, chevron boots were meant to walk in the 2016 show. What makes this piece a winner? The funky patterns and saturated colors. While the lingerie is flawless, it’s the added accessories that really pull it all together.

Grace Elizabeth

Let’s give PINK a little love too! Grace Elizabeth completely owns this playful statement. Like many other pieces in this year’s show, the mixture of styles (sporty-spice meets girlie-girl) is a perfectly imperfect match.

Congrats to another stunning and successful VS Fashion Show, Angels!

– Caroline Brindle