Do you ever have days, when, for no explainable reason, you just don’t feel 100 percent? We often push the blame toward lack of sleep or an inadequate diet, but there may be something else wrong – and it’s something we can’t see, smell or touch.

Frequencies are both invisible and intangible, but you can definitely feel them. Our bodies operate at an optimal internal frequency (62-72Hz), a frequency that they are most happy functioning at. When you’re frequency slips, you are more prone to getting sick or experiencing that mysterious lethargy.

Body Vibes stickers, a revolutionary line of waterproof, hypoallergenic stickers that you wear directly on your skin, target and restore specific energy imbalances in the body, bringing you back to the frequency sweet spot. The stickers work by targeting the central nervous system, which essentially controls everything we do, including functions of the body and mind – the interpreters of our entire external environment.

The ladies behind Body Vibes, Leslie Kritzer and Madison DeClercq, also founders of Skin Worship (a natural skincare line based in California) recommend wearing Body Vibes stickers for at least one month to experience a positive energy shift. There are a variety of stickers to choose from with different target results. The variety includes, self-love (for confidence), mental focus (for productivity), pain relief, stress relief, unicorn skin (to reduce inflammation and increase cell turnover), and energy.

Available at, $34.00/6 pack, for a limited time. Coming soon to

– Kalina Krabel