It’s that time of year again: the holiday season is kicking into full gear and we’re running around trying to figure out what to wear to that upcoming office party, the family get-together, and, of course, Santacon. Sure, you can’t go wrong with traditional red and green, but haven’t you noticed? There’s a new trend that’s hit the holiday scene in alarming fashion (or lack there of).

That’s right—we’re talking about ugly sweaters reminiscent of the eighties. What once were seen as heinous pieces of clothing you wouldn’t dare be seen in have now turned into one of December’s most beloved traditions based on the idea of nostalgia and, well, being able to laugh at how ridiculous you look. It’s all in good holiday fun!

If you’re like us, you have a sense of humor, a love of fashion trends, and a super festive attitude to hop aboard the jingle bell bandwagon, so keep reading to get inspired by some of the best sweaters for the occasion. You’ll stay warm and best dressed all season long!

What’s more: If you live in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Denver or Dallas, you can order a custom ugly holiday sweater to be delivered via Uber app.

Happy Shopping! And Happy Holidays!

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-Rebecca Norris