Out with the leisure and in with the luxury. As 2017 is taking off, “athleisure” — the term we once knew and loved — is being left behind in 2016. Nothing to fret. While romping around in our yoga pants and workout crop tops was fun, the once trendy term has seemingly lost its flare. In retrospect, how was this style ever considered OK to wear out and about in public anyway? We’re now moving on to classier and higher-end athletic looks. Not to mention, entirely more appropriate. What do we love about athluxury? Three key qualities: chicness, versatility and, of course, comfiness.

Chic. Athluxury completely embodies its combo — athletic, yet luxurious. With top designers like Tory Burch behind the new movement, there’s no doubt that the athluxury market will skyrocket this year. The sporty vibe is still very much present in this trend, but in a subtle way. Unlike athleisure. And wealth radiates. Although many designer brands are expected to sell athluxury looks in 2017, this East-Hamptons-Country-Club style can be easily pieced together with items likely already in your closet. Pair basics, with a common color scheme, sharp patterns and some shine.

Versatile. This new trend is classy. And classy styles are welcomed in most all areas of life. While still able to move around easily for a workout, athluxury may also be rocked in the office, on a date or even to run around in the city. With the change of a shoe or addition of a jacket, athluxury can mold to any occasion. Sure, some looks you still might not want to show off everywhere, but, for the most part, you could.

Comfy. Regardless of the change in athletic fads, one thing remains constant: athluxury still holds the same exact comfort level as athleisure. With silky soft fabrics and body molding materials, there’s no question you’ll want to curl up and relax mid-day. In which case, maybe you shouldn’t sport this look to work.

RIP athleisure. Athluxury, we welcome you with open arms!

-Caroline Brindle