Somewhere between minimalism and opulence, you’ll find one of the biggest trends of the season – elevated daily wear. So many high-end lines, including Lemaire, Jill Sander, and Stella McCartney, flooded the runways with luxe looks that were actually ideal for everyday wear. The modernized concept, which is often accomplished through interesting pattern-cutting, small details, and fabrications, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and couldn’t be more amazing. Already known for creating realistic designs that are somewhat on the minimalist side, it makes complete sense that Lemaire would be a proponent of this new trend. Although the designers behind the line did change things up a bit this season via more structured silhouettes, a new emphasis on menswear-inspired suiting, and a broader color palette, the line’s signature sensual minimalism was definitely magnified and perfectly portrayed through a barrage of delightful details, which came in the form of a cable-knit sweater with squared-off necklines and poufed sleeves, small frills of ruffles, and embellished collars. A prime example of this trend, Jil Sander’s fall collection was filled with pieces that could be described in four words: monochrome, minimal, pure, and precise. Perfecting the “less is more” concept, the collection proved to be a much-needed break from the overly embellished pieces that were seen at numerous shows in Milan. At Stella McCartney, the designer stuck with her tried and true practice of placing emphasis on “ease,” and it worked. The collection was filled with pieces that were more functional than superfluous to needs, yet no less chic than what the designer has come to be known for.

Easily pull of this trend by replacing a simple piece with a more luxe version. For example, trade out a plain white top for a white blouse with poufy sleeves or eye-catching buttons. Remember, it’s all about small frills and delicate details.

– Daniella DiRienzo