Ahh, more info we finally made it to the weekend. While it’s perfectly acceptable to kick back and relax during your much deserved days off, capsule remember that this is the most free time of your entire week. In other words, think of all the items you could cross off your ever-growing list. From adventuring, pampering and recovering, to cleaning, connecting and exercising, there are plenty of things to dive into this weekend. Make a list and get to crossin’ — here are our ideas for having the most productive Saturday and Sunday this week.


Sleep | Something we could all catch up on are extra hours spent with our favorite letter: Zzz. Disconnect from all electronics and allow yourself time to hit the hay nice and early. Even if you don’t fall asleep right away, some calming downtime will help you unwind, destress and reflect.

Exercise | Plan to wake up one morning and head to the gym or go on a run around the park. Any type of exercise. Starting your weekend on a healthy note will set the tone for the rest of the week. Signing up for a Soul Cycle class? Grab a buddy to join you and make it an outing — smoothies and all!

Chores | Pick one day (Saturday or Sunday) and devote it to the dreaded chore list — laundry, grocery shopping, apartment cleaning… the works. While it may seem like a hassle in the moment, you’re preparing for a stronger, more organized week ahead.


Adventure | Find a new spot in this amazing city and give it a go. Try a new restaurant, coffee shop, class, rooftop bar, you name it! Even consider learning the ins and outs of your current neighborhood. There’s so much to explore in NYC and so little time. Looking for a particular vibe? Try a quick Pinterest search.


Museums | Increase your cultural awareness by viewing the latest museum exhibits in the city. There seems to be a new, trendy museum popping up just about every week. Grab a group of friends and hop from museum to museum. Hey, you might even find a new hobby.

Pamper | This might just be the most important idea to consider. If anything, make sure to pamper yourself this weekend. Schedule a massage, facial, mani/pedi… or all three. Treat yourself to a weekend of beauty and wellness in preparation for another crazy week ahead.

Connect | Reach out to new friends and old friends this weekend. Whether it’s heading out for drinks at a new bar or FaceTiming a pal from back at home, make time to stay connected with your loved ones. Connect with yourself, as well. Schedule downtime to read a book you’ve been interested in or to simply lay down and blog.

Bottom line, this is your weekend — make it count and treat yourself.

-Caroline Brindle