During Fall Fashion Week, designers took the term “catwalk” to a whole new, and literal, level, as the runways were inundated with cats. That’s right; cats. From actual pussycats to kitty-shaped jewelry to classic leopard, cat-inspired pieces were everywhere. The furry feline dominated the runways of some major designers, including Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, and Loewe. At Givenchy, the trend came to life through updated leopard prints. Riccardo Tisci modernized the classic pattern in a variety of ways, including magnifying it, color-blocking with it, and even pairing it with a coordinating python print. With a fairy tale-inspired collection, you’d assume that Dolce & Gabbana’s fall line was full of frilly frocks fit for a princess – but you’d be wrong. Taking the trend a bit more literally, the collection included glittery beaded patches and novelty pieces featuring tailor mice, toads, and plenty of felines. Far from childish, the cat-inspired pieces ranged from chic to edgy, as the pattern was used on blazers, pencil skirts, lace pieces, dresses, and coats. This season, Loewe designer, Anderson, aimed to produce pieces that aired more on the mature side than is past creations. As a result, the collection was filled waist-cinching silhouettes, plenty of tweed, and handkerchief hems. However, the designer couldn’t completely abandon his roots, so he accessorized with pussycat necklaces. Paired with everything from tweed suits to crocheted dresses, the accessory looked amazing and provided the perfect balance.

With so many takes on this trend, you can easily give it a try – even if you’re not a fashion risk taker. Not sure about the trend? Start off with a classic leopard print. Want to make more of a bold statement? Select one cat-inspired piece, such as a necklace with an edgy dress or printed blouse with fitted jeans and heels. Sticking to just one statement piece, will keep your outfit from appearing too childish.

– Daniella DiRienzo