As the New Year kicks into high gear, there’s a good chance that one of your resolutions is to get back in the gym. But at a time where fresh baked cookies and holiday meals are still top of mind, it can be a little difficult to find the motivation to curb your cravings in favor of a healthier lifestyle. It’s moments like these where overflowing Pinterest fitspo boards come in handy—there’s just something about finding collections of the chicest fitness apparel all in one place that makes going to the gym seem totally doable. So, what if we told you there’s a new activewear boutique on the market that brings this idea to life?

Enter: Recess.

Co-founders are former D1 Volleyball players, Danielle Erb and Jberia Davis (JB for short). Recess is the latest and greatest in functional, fashionable fitness gear guaranteed to motivate women to slay all day. The idea behind the brand is simple: feel your best while knowing you’re wearing the best.

Sounds pretty Pin-worthy, right? It gets better.

With a serious focus on connecting with the Recess Girl, Erb and Davis regularly take to social media to research what’s trending in order to hand-select gear that fits comfortably and screams “I’m here to kick ass and take names—and I’m going to look good doing it.”

So, who is the ultimate Recess Girl, you might ask? We asked the power duo behind your soon-to-be favorite online shopping destination for all things leggings, tank tops, sports bras and more to tell it to you straight:

“The ultimate Recess Girl, is a girl who takes life by the horns. She’s unapologetic for who she is and wants to get the most out of life. She knows that things in life don’t come easy and she’s willing to work for what she wants. To her, fitness and fashion go hand-in-hand. Sometimes she wants to ramp up her style at the gym, and sometimes she just wants to throw on a pair of leggings and hoodie, put her head down and crush her workout. She has so many levels to her and her life is constantly swirling around her, but the gym and her clothes are her solace.”

With that said, Recess is in session. Are you ready to play?

Head over to and follow @recessfit on Instagram to get in on the fun.

-Rebecca Norris