What has four wheels, is stocked for a good time and likely on every lady’s must-have home décor list? If you guessed “bar cart,” you guessed correct. The bar cart is a favorite furniture piece for many. It’s a statement from the past that has yet to go out of style. Whether you choose a rustic and antique looking cart or prefer more of a modern, marble style, neither is complete without a few staple items. So, before you plan your next at home get-together, be sure to add these fabulous items to your cart — the drinks are already assumed.

Cocktail Shaker | What’s a bar (or bar cart) without a cocktail shaker? While function is important, trendiness takes the cake. Pick a shaker that matches the theme of your cart. If you have a glam look, pick a shaker that has hints of gold. For more of a cool, rustic vibe, pick hints of copper. Available at: Kate Spade, Mark & Graham

Glasses | Whichever alcohol you choose to stock your cart with, plan your drinkware accordingly. Whether it’s flutes, martini or wine glasses, don’t overstock. Set out four to six at a time to keep the cart looking clean and organized. Available at: Cathy’s Concepts

Straws | From dainty stripes to pretty polka dots, don’t forget to pick out crafty straws for your mixed drinks. More for decoration and a pop of color – display them in a see-through Mason jar or fancy cup. Available at: PaperMash

Flowers or Books | Decide on freshly cut flowers in a vase or a compact coffee table book to place on your cart. Choose a book that either matches your home vibe or displays yummy food and drink recipes.  Either will add a nice flirty flare to your entertainment spot. Available at: Vogue Covers

Ice Bucket | Keep things cool with a charming ice bucket. Didn’t think “charming” and “ice bucket” could be used in the same sentence, thing again. There are so many unique styles that can easily capture your theme. Available at: Williams Sonoma

Serving Tray | Compile all of your fancy bottles into a single space on your cart by purchasing a simple serving tray. This can even double as a serving item to place and carry your guests’ drinks on. Adding a tray to your cart will not only keep organization, but will make your cart look clutter-free! Available at: Crate & Barrel

Napkins | Always have a stack of napkins available with a fun design. There’s so many options. Pick from punny drink phrases, glitzy colors and fun patterns; whichever you decide, don’t forget to set them out in style. Twirl them into a spiral or align them into a star. Available at: Shop Sweet Lulu

Wall Art | Lastly, place your cart strategically in your space. Find a wall that already has or has room for some type of art. Whether it’s a lit up BAR sign, funky accessory or framed quote, a decorated back drop will tie everything together! Available at: Etsy

-Caroline Brindle