Chef V

Created with the intention to inspire and empower people to love their meals, urticaria The Kitchen Mistress, ailment a holistic approach to health was born. And who is the mistress behind the brand, you might ask? None other than Virginia Davis—AKA Chef V.

Chef V strutted into the world of personal chef services in 2008 with an aim to help families and individuals eliminate that ever-so-tough question of what’s for dinner—or breakfast, or lunch, for that matter. By providing folks with custom crafted cuisine based on individual eating habits, preferences and dietary needs, she singlehandedly gave people the opportunity to get out of the kitchen so they could get on with their life.
With life-giving, tastebud-thrilling recipes and approaches to life as a whole, it was only a matter of time before the world took notice. And boy, did they. So much so, in fact, that Von Miller’s—yes, that Von Miller…SB50 MVP Von Miller…you know the one—sports agency picked up the phone and called Chef V in 2014.
Wonder what goes into being a personal chef for a professional athlete? We talked to Chef V to find out a little bit about her background to better understand what Von Miller refers to her as: “The Real MVP”.
VF: How long have you been a chef?
CV: I have been in the food industry since I was 15 and I really plugged into cooking in college (I thought it would be a pretty clever move if I worked somewhere that I could feed people and be around food so I could feed myself as well). After I moved out to Colorado, I opened my own little café in a small mountain community and made everything from scratch. Once I moved to Denver I decided I wanted to get back on “the line” and worked in restaurants for several years before deciding to open my next business, The Kitchen Mistress. It was 2008, when the economy tanked and here I was starting a high-end personal chef/service business. But I’m still here and celebrating 9 years this March.
VF: What certifications do you have?
CV: Last year I completed the Holistic Health Coach program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and got my certificate. I have always been self-taught. Anything I’ve ever wanted to know or learn, I just started reading, researching and getting after. If I could, I would do a program every year—I don’t think I’ll ever be done educating myself and learning—I love it so much. I’m currently studying how to administer biofeedback reads. I’m also 2nd degree Reiki certified and use energy healing in all of my coaching and cooking.
VF: What made you want to become a nutritionist?
CV: I’m technically not labeled as a nutritionist—I am a Holistic Health Coach. Basically I guide and support people to learn and understand their bodies. I help them figure out intuitively what they are lacking or needing and I design sustainable life and diet adjustments so that they can find their way to their own healing. “Let food be thy medicine”, and I’ll support you in figuring out HOW to use it as such.
As a holistic nutritional chef, I like to implement various modalities towards optimal health, including energy work, high end medicinal grade essential oils, healing stones and numerology when it comes to my recipes and the way I cook and deliver the food/particular dish.
VF: What was your reaction when you first found out you were going to be Von Miller’s Chef?
CV: When I got the initial email from his sports agency three years ago, I had to double-check to see if this wasn’t some sort of “wire-your-money-to-some-overseas-account” scam. I asked my friends to read the email and make sure I wasn’t crazy. When I first opened my Inbox that day I was like “Am I being Punk’D right now? Where’s Ashton??” I literally turned around and looked for hidden cameras at my house haha.
VF: What’s the best part about being his chef?
CV: They say you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time around. Getting to work with Von and seeing him through to the SB50 victory and the MVP title has been a major accomplishment for me, as I was fueling him throughout that whole time. Von works so hard and I admire his work ethic so much, he really inspires me to constantly hone my craft, grind hard and just keep showing up as my best version, keep working hard and keep improving. Over the last three years I have really gotten to know his palate so well so now my favorite part is what I call the CPC-clean plate club. I’m the chef that takes pictures of empty plates. 😉
VF: Have you been a chef for other notable people?
CV: I have grown my business over the past nine years and have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people, including pro athletes, musicians, scientists, CEO’s and visionaries. I feel so blessed to be able to be of service in this way and I will continue to strive to grow my business and my impact. I think what (and how and when/where) we eat is one of THE most important aspects of true health. What you put inside your body matters.
VF: What is your life mantra?
CV: SMILE and give thanks. Always.
VF: What are some of your favorite recipes? What are some of Von’s?
CV: As for me-I’m kind of obsessed with spring rolls right now. Von loves duck confit “fried” rice. Everything is oven baked and the rice is steamed brown rice. I use bone broth to crisp the rice under the broiler for a “fried” effect. He smashes it every time.
VF: How do you feel about fad diets?
CV: I don’t really believe in “diets”. They don’t have a sustainable impact, even if they do offer the initial result and jolt people into new awareness’s about their health and their bodies. Ultimately, I think diets fail because they aren’t maintainable. I think it’s all about balance and knowing your body and how it responds to the things you are ingesting.
Additionally, I believe that one man’s cure is another man’s poison, meaning there isn’t one diet or fad that will work across the board for all human kind. Nutrition is tricky like that because there are so many scientifically based studies that support the various dietary theories, but ultimately it comes down to our own unique biochemistry…and that’s what I try to teach people to recognize. What’s the best approach for me specifically—there’s gold in that knowledge.
VF: If you could give someone one piece of nutrition advice, what would it be?
CV: Put your phone down and experience your food/meal. CHEW!!! Oh, and sleep 😉

So, there you have it. Skip the time, money, stress and confusion of finding and preparing what your body is so badly craving—Chef V has you covered. Click over to her website,, for more info.

-Rebecca Norris