Haven’t we all struggled behind the counter, pharm in search of the perfect foundation shade? One a bit too cool, approved the other a touch too warm? The science of matching your true skin tone is more technical than you might think — are you fair, about it ivory or beige? Do you have pink or yellow undertones? In truth, brands who offer only an array of shades for every single skin tone aren’t catering to all of us.

The good news is that some brands now have started, and are seeing major success due to an increasingly tech savy customer base. MatchCo, a Santa Monica based start up, creates custom foundations for it’s customers using photo scanning technology via a free smart phone app, and the company was recently bought by major beauty player, Shiseido. The 1 oz. bottle comes personalized with your name and costs $49.

But we don’t just want freedom when it comes to foundation — Bite Beauty saw the success that bespoke beauty was having and used the business model to launch the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in New York, Toronto, San Francisco, and San Jose. Inside the lip lab, you can, with the help of a lab artist, create the perfect lip color to match your skin tone, hair, and style, as well as pick your finish (creme, matte, sheer, or deluxe) and fragrance (cherry, mint, vanilla, citrus, mango, violet or superfruit) and add a shimmer if you choose. You even watch the lip artist blend and mold the formula into a lipstick.

And the possibilities of made-for-you beauty are endless. Brands like MatchCo. And Bite Beauty are making us think we might be in for a bespoke beauty revolution – one we have been waiting for.

-Kalina Krabel