Can Fitness Really Get You Out of a Funk?

Every fitness fad has its enthusiasts, surgeon but the nationwide phenomenon that is ILoveKickboxing is on a whole other level. Like other crazes, it holds the promise of toned muscles and miraculous weight loss journeys, but this fitness chain differentiates itself by taking community quite seriously.
Facebook groups take on a deeper meaning at ILKB, where members and instructors alike ask questions, share healthy meal ideas, and encourage each other.

So if you’ve ever struggled with finding positive workout spaces or people who will genuinely hold you accountable, ILKB might just be your best bet. Plus, punching the living daylights out of a bag to addictive music is nothing short of therapeutic after a long day’s work.

ILKB classes are not like the kickboxing classes you might find at your average gym. There’s no punching the air here–you will learn how to jab, cross, and roundhouse kick actual bags until you are actually fit.

Each class starts with a grueling warm-up that will rival the intensity of your craziest training montage fantasies, but there’s no need to feel nervous. ILKB places a premium on positivity.

Not fake, “I’m smiling at you but I’m silently judging you because you have the weakest arms I’ve ever seen,” positivity you might find at a similarly popular fitness franchises, but genuine positivity from instructors that are invested in your growth.

In other words, it’s not the type of gym that makes you feel like you need to already be an Olympian to even join. ILKB is home to all colors, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels, and that makes all the difference. It can be especially encouraging for people interested in the emotional and physical advantages of boxing, but who have always been intimidated by traditional boxing gyms.

The middle section of each class, which involves bag work and partner drills, is challenging, engaging, and fun. It’s the remedy for all those times you ran on a treadmill thinking, “Why am I running toward nowhere?”

Kickboxing, as opposed to many other workouts, is a practical exercise that builds all-around stamina and resilience. ILKB’s approach transforms kickboxing’s already amazing benefits into a truly empowering perspective that can help you tackle challenges in all aspects of your life.

There are few things better than knowing that not only are you getting the physical benefits of a rigorous workout, but you are getting genuinely stronger and more capable as a person. With dedication to these fun, intense classes and the genuine sense of community, you will find yourself becoming leaner, more graceful, more confident, and full to the brim with endorphins. What’s not to love?

-Naakai Addy