We’ve all downloaded apps we thought would change our lives and then subsequently deleted them because they took up too much data. So which ones, sick this year, deserve to make the cut? These 6 apps have got you covered in 2017, whether you want to de-stress, stress eat, or are simply looking for help living your most productive life.


1. Get Dressed with Glamoutfit


Glamoutfit is the next best thing to having that wardrobe software from Clueless installed in your home. Yes, it takes some time to photograph your clothing and accessories, but it is well worth it to have your entire wardrobe digitally catalogued. It is certainly a better alternative to rifling through your closet every day.

We all have those pieces we hid in a drawer two years ago and haven’t unearthed since, but with Glamoutfit, every item you own is in clear and accessible view. Plus, you can have other people style outfits for you when you’ve run out of inspiration.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 3.58.53 PM2. Stay Informed with The Skimm


Reading the news is endlessly depressing, and it can be difficult trying to discern which outlets are reliable and which are more…alternative fact-based. That’s why curated news is so popular right now, and why so many people have signed up for The Skimm.

It delivers the most need-to-know news right to your inbox every morning, so you don’t have to peruse Google for hours trying to figure out exactly how imminent the apocalypse is. The Skimm is available in app form, as is a subscription service called Skimm Ahead, which keeps you in the loop about important future happenings like when coveted concert tickets go on sale.

Level Money

3. Manage Your Money with Level


No one quite looks forward to checking their budget (unless it’s the very first minutes of payday), but smart money management can go along way in diminishing financial anxiety. Sometimes all it takes is having an easy way to keep track of how much you’ve spent on what, and how much you have left to spend on clothes, snacks, and other “nonessentials” that nonetheless make your life a lot more bearable.

Connect your bank accounts to Level Money and witness the difference that budget tracking and easy, user-friendly personal accountability can make. It’s definitely an essential app like New York, a city that at some times seems worth every penny, and at other times is a financial black hole.


4. Find Your Happy Place with Headspace


Sometimes it feels like the more information you have in your head, the more stress you have in your life, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your mind. Even if the realities of the world won’t allow you to unplug for a prolonged period of time, you can probably find 10 minutes in your day to find serenity.

Headspace is a meditation app that helps you use that daily 10 minutes wisely. That may not seem like enough time to regain some sense of inner piece, but every little bit helps. Daily meditation has seemingly unlimited benefits, including improved focus, better sleep, and better overall quality of life.

Tasteful5. Eat Right with Tasteful


When you’re trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle, going out to restaurants can be a source of stress. It’s not always clear whether once you get there, you will be able to find something something vegan-friendly, paleo-friendly, or otherwise diet-safe. That’s where Tasteful comes in.

This app helps you find restaurants in your area that have healthy, delicious options that fit your dietary needs. That’s a big deal, especially when you’re in the early stages of a diet. With Tasteful, it is actually possible to stay healthy while relishing in the joys of dining culture.Priv6. Pamper yourself with Priv


Need a blowout? A manicure? A tan? A massage? A yoga session? A makeover? Priv is the app that can bring any and all of those beauty and lifestyle services directly to your door. Rather than going to different businesses that cater to these different services, you can have freelance professionals in whichever field come to you.

It’s the perfect beauty solution to people with luxury needs who have very little time. You can also book Priv team members for weddings and corporate events. It’s available in several major locations, including New York, LA, London, and the Hamptons.

– Naakai Addy