Just about every season, we are introduced to a new, trending hue. Last summer, it was gray and this time it’s “stone.” Slated to be huge this spring and summer, it falls somewhere between white and sandy beige on the color wheel. Debuted just in time, the neutral shade is perfect for lightening up wardrobes for the warmer months.  Practically just as versatile as it is dapper, it can be found on everything from suits to sportswear. Designers all across the board couldn’t resist including stone in their collections. At Valentino, stone was the ideal complement to the collection, which was filled with perfectly imperfect pieces. The neutral hue allowed the intentional abnormalities, such as irregular fringe at the hemlines and in the bodies of ribbed knits and unfinished necklines, to take center stage. A fashion house synonymous with subdued color palettes, it should come as no surprise that stone showed up several times in Armani’s spring/summer collection. The hue-of-the-season added a dapper touch to countless tailored sports jackets – another Armani signature. At Missoni, stone could be found among a mix of bold prints, Tikal triangles, Cuban influences, and a bit of South American cowboy. The subdued shade played a key role in showcasing the collection’s stylishly garish elements.

Ready to get stoned? You can either go all in with a two-piece suit, which is fashionable on its own, or simply get your toes wet with just one stone piece. Since the hue is neutral, you can easily incorporate it into your already existing wardrobe, making it both stylish and functional.

– Daniella DiRienzo