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Turmeric, anemia an Indian spice that has been around for 4,000 years and celebrated for it’s wondrous health and beauty benefits is taking the health and wellness stage in a big way. In India, brides-to-be used to use Turmeric masks before their wedding day to make skin soft and radiant. Now, as beauty veers away from chemical labs and back to nature, the spice is making it’s debut in major beauty products in the West too. Brands like Kiehl’s, Origins, and Peter Thomas Roth are all using the spice in their skincare lines. So, is this golden root all that it’s cracked up to be?

Among the benefits of turmeric are the reversal of aging, lightening of stretch marks, reduction of scars and inflammation, and even controlling oil secretion to help with acne. And those are only the external benefits. Juice presses like Organic Avenue offer shots of Turmeric (similar to the now popular cold-fighting ginger shot) touted to help with digestive health, fever treatment, inflammation, arthritis, and it has even been used as a weight loss aid. While the taste isn’t too palatable (it has been described as quite pungent and bitter) you can introduce turmeric into your diet in a less extreme way by simply adding the spice to your dinner spice mix. This miracle spice got us thinking – can one spice really do all of that? And if it can, why has it taken so long to make it’s way into western health and beauty formulas?

If you want to reap the benefits of this golden root but don’t feel like splurging at a department store, there’s even more good news. At home turmeric beauty recipes are inexpensive, easy, and they utilize the root in it’s purest and most potent form. The easiest way to introduce turmeric into your beauty routine is by simply combining the ground spice with flour, milk, and honey, and letting it sit for 20 minutes before using the formula as a face mask.

As with most natural formulas, you may not notice results immediately – but with consistent use in your diet and your beauty routine, it’s no wonder this spice has been so long lived; it looks like theres almost nothing turmeric can’t fix.

-Kalina Krabel