This season, fashion and function come together to form one of the biggest menswear trends of spring – technical outerwear. Much more dapper, the outerwear of 2017 features sleek characteristics, such as lightweight, waterproof fabrics and eye-catching hues and patterns. Even the most established of labels took part in the trend, including modernized hiking gear, such as parkas and anoraks, in their spring collections. Dior Homme, Prada, and Lanvin were among the many that debuted technical outerwear. Stepping away from the neatly tailored pieces that have become synonymous with Dior Homme, designer Van Assche ventured into the world of sportswear. The end result? Oversized parkas and trench coats adorned in earthy tones and vibrant color-blocking. Returning to its utilitarian roots, Prada’s spring collection was filled with pieces that were practical yet stylish, including coats in varying lengths, colors, and patterns. At Lanvin, the runway was practically overrun with perfect imperfectness, which came in the form of layers and unstructured tailoring. Flyaway coats, in sleek blacks and grays, fit in exquisitely, as the collection was filled with flailing fabric and pieces that were “tugged apart, untucked, and rumpled.”

Because this trend is actually functional, trying it out involves basically no risk. Sporting a coat with an eye-catching pattern or vibrant hue may be too much for some, but that’s okay. Simply go for a parka in an earthy tone or keep it basic with black.

-Daniella DiRienzo