For a long time, as Korean Beauty gained popularity, it cost us a small fortune to try out quality K-Beauty products. They can also be hard to get our hands on, especially if we don’t live in a major metropolitan area. But all that is changing thanks to Alicia Yoon’s collaboration with Target. Peach & Lily for Target is an affordable and super convenient collection of quality beauty products that is the first K-Beauty collaboration available at a retailer as mass marketed as Target.

The 13 piece collection features brands like AprilSkin, Caolin, and MIZON, and includes a repair cream with 92% snail extract (Mizon Snail Repair Cream, $38), and of course the single use face masks that beauty gurus everywhere are obsessed with. Also in the collection is a toning spray, and a ceramide infused moisturizer. Prices range from $3.50 to $38.00.

This comes after Target has collaborated with overseas beauty success stories like Pixi by Petra and Nuxe. After seeing these brands, which had previously only been available overseas, appeal to it’s customers, it seems like Target has started carving a niche market for importing the international beauty products we need, at a reasonable price. You can shop the collection now in stores or online at

-Kalina Krabel