ageLOC me (1)

For the majority of women, Spring represents a time to get in shape, alter their diet, or update their wardrobe. For other women, it may represent a time to refresh your skincare routine. If you are looking to refine your skin this season with a comprehensive system that adapts to you, look no further. I am happy to introduce the ageLOC Me: a compact device that boasts a customizable regimen of cleanser, serum, and moisturizer all in one. This revolutionary device for men and women gives you the exact amount of product you need with no overflow or excess. The ageLOC Me customizes four different skin products for you: cleanser, serum, targeted treatment (optional), and moisturizer. In order to determine which cleaner, serum, and moisturizer to use the ageLOC Me starts you off with a Reference Set; this is your initial set of products. You use these products for two weeks in order to experience how they feel and how they impact your skin. After this “test” period ends, you are given a series of questions about your age, environment, region, skin attributes, and skin concerns. These questions are used to determine your unique skin care code. Once your unique skin care code has been established, your machine will dispense the exact amount of cleaner, serum, and moisturizer you need twice a day. You can re-take this skin assessment as many times as you would like, and you are able to make adjustments to your regimen at any time. There are roughly 2,000 combinations of products so if you don’t find your optimal combination on the first go, there are plenty of opportunities to find the right fit for your skin by simply trying another combination. For the millions of men and women who have combination skin that changes based on the season (dry sky in the winter, oily or acne prone skin in the summer) it’s a breeze to change your routine. Additionally, it eliminates the need to buy a myriad of products that will only crowd your bathroom sink, thus saving you money, time, and space.  This is a system that works for you, rather than the other way around.

Although this system is also ideal for those who are looking to combat or reverse signs of aging or free radical damage caused by the environment, this is also intended for anyone who wants to refresh or reboot their entire skincare system. If this system sounds too good to be true, check it out for yourself!

-Katherine Louie