…The Trending Foods You Need in Your Fridge

Every year, there are premium ingredients, drinks, and meals that everyone seems to be buying or eating. If you cook at home (or even just eat at home), here are four of the most popular food trends that can make your meals better.

cold brew

Chill Out with Cold Brew | It’s not unreasonable to wonder why cold brew is necessary given the existence of ice, but true coffee lovers will appreciate the purity of taste this popular drink has to offer. It is now very easy to find a full range of individual portion and gallon-sized cold brew flavors in stores like Whole Foods. There also plenty of pre-mixed vegan cold brew options for the discerning caffeine addict. Look for premium brands like Stumptown and Blue Bottle for optimum quality and taste.

cashew milk

Almond Milk Is So 2016 | As more and more people become attuned to the nutritional properties of common foods, alternatives to dairy products have been thriving. Since we now know that soy milk isn’t healthy in excess, almond milk has become a popular substitute. Now, other milk alternatives are making their mark not just in Starbucks, but in grocery stores across America. If the alleged almond shortage in California worries you, get into cashew milk, widely available in many stores. Coconut milk is also a creamy, satisfying option to accompany your coffee or breakfast cereal.


Vegetables Are Entrees, Too | Meat is delicious, but the amount we consume as a nation is definitely out of control. Part of the problem is the perception that vegetables are the side-pieces of real food, and they are only delicious when seasoned and sauteed until they’re no longer vegetables. This year, take the time to see vegetables as the main event. Eggplants can be steaks, kale can become chips, and many other vegetables have the potential to add genuine joy and flavor to your plate.


Simmer Your Dinner | According to Eater, shakshuka is one of the food trends people can expect to see this year. This tomato-based middle eastern stew works well both for brunch and dinner, depending on your proclivities for fried eggs at any hour of the day. This spicy stew is fairly straightforward to make if you have a cast iron skillet, basic spices, and some bread to use for dipping. You will likely see it more and more on restaurant menus, but there’s no reason you can’t indulge in it at home.

-Naakai Addy