Think khaki can’t be stylish? Think again! This season, the classic material gets a modernized makeover, resulting in everything from pieces that are perfect for ladies-who-lunch to redefined streetwear. One of the most popular trends of the season, khaki made an appearance in just about every major collection, including Creatures of Comfort, Public School, Carolina Herrara, and J. Crew. At Creatures of Comfort, a line known for delightfully understated ensembles, khaki was the perfect fabric choice for folk-inspired frocks. Adding a chic touch, the dresses were adorned in bows and ruffles. The khaki trend continued at Public School, where everything 90’s reigned, from preppy looks to raver pants. The fabric-of-the-season was the perfect way to top off the nostalgic collection. If you ever had doubts that khaki could transcend from sportswear, you clearly haven’t seen Carolina Herrara’s spring line-up. The contemporary collection was filled with showstoppers, including a chic khaki top and coordinating floral pencil skirt. Practically synonymous with khaki, the J. Crew collection was filled with modernized khaki. The updated material was used on everything from skirts and capris to button-up blouses, proving its versatility.

This trend is a great one if you’re not a huge risk taker. Simply pick one statement piece in khaki, and you’ll be good to go. Feeling a bit bolder? Go for more an entire khaki ensemble – just be sure to accessorize with some colorful pieces.

-Daniella DiRienzo