The VF Team

Christian Fleres
Co-founder | Creative Director

Jamie Mazzei
Co-founder | Director of Operations

Vincent Cascio
Co-founder | Director of Finance

Justin Friedman
Fashion Director

Francisco Cervi
Art Director | Retoucher

Nargas Karimi
Marketing Director

Gianna Froccaro

About VF

Viral Fashion is a digital and print magazine that contextualizes fashion and style in the greater scheme of our surroundings – how we shop, dress, and entertain; what we eat, see, and listen to; who guides and inspires us.  It is backed by the reputable New York-based nuBest salon and spa, with the salon’s owners, Jamie Mazzei, Christian Fleres and Vincent Cascio at the helm.

Viral Fashion’s story is one that tells its readers what is worthy of seeing and knowing, through a discerning yet constructive editorial lens.  It inspires fashion lovers and extends to them a distinctive challenge: to see things differently, in both themselves and in the world around them.  Most importantly, though, it serves as a forum that facilitates the critical dialogue between those who are industry insiders and those with passionate opinions that may not otherwise be voiced.  With monthly editorial photo shoots, in-depth trend reports, and insightful commentary on industry happenings, Viral Fashion propels its images and ideas to the forefront.

What sets Viral Fashion apart from other online magazines and blogs is the fact that it is the first website of its kind created by three prominent and well-respected names in the hair and beauty industry.  For over 20 years, Jamie and Vincent have been instrumental in defining modern hair for men and women.  Their work as product innovators and master educators was essential to the success of the million-dollar company ARTec Worldwide.  Jamie and Vincent were instrumental in the development of ARTec’s textureline brand of professional hair care products, while Christian has an acute awareness of the fashion industry and has worked as a freelance stylist.  In the past, he has been called upon as a liaison between luxury brands and consumers.

The body of Jamie, Christian and Vincent’s work has been a staple of beauty and fashion magazines for the past two decades.  Models, celebrities, New York’s high society, and beauty editors continually turn to them in their quest for modern, beautiful hair.  They also appear regularly on television shows to talk about the latest trends in hair, beauty and fashion.  Jamie, Christian and Vincent are continually looking for new ways to get nuBest involved in issues and causes that transcend hair and beauty.  Since they have firmly and successfully established themselves in the hair/beauty product and salon industries, Viral Fashion is an opportunity for Jamie, Christian and Vincent to further expand their reach and create a leading publication in the digital realm that also functions as an outlet for their artistic self-expression.